When you consider floor tile, you'll find it's a versatile material you can use in every room. It's beautiful, functional, and offers an excellent lifespan.

But if you've never experienced these materials before, you'll want to know more about them. And our shop is a great place to get the answers you need

Questions we are frequently asked about tile flooring

1. Are tile floors suitable for pets?

Tile flooring is an excellent choice for pets because it resists scratches and stains so well. It's also chip and crack-resistant for floor tile that lasts 50 years.

2. What kinds of look can I get with these materials?

These materials will show impressive visuals, including solid colors and designs. But don't forget to look at the format, texture, and installation layout.

3. Does tile work with radiant heating?

Tile is an excellent choice for radiant heating and helps distribute the warmth through the room. Adding a few luxurious area rugs can be the perfect touch for living rooms and bedrooms in the winter.

4. What can I expect with installation?

The installation process varies depending on your specific floor tile requirements. Layout and tile size also changes an installation schedule, but you’ll find it all at our shop.

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