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Hardwood is definitely worth a look

Many people have more than a few questions when they start looking into hardwood as a flooring option. Here, you will find answers to some of those questions. At Perrysburg Floor Covering & Design, we want to make sure that you are equipped to make the best decision concerning your flooring.

What kinds of hardwood options are there?

One of the greatest things about hardwood flooring is that you have so many options. You can find flooring to fit just about any budget and personal style. Here are few to choose from:

  • Solid hardwood is the choice for many people. With thicknesses of up to three quarters of an inch, you can sand and refinished it multiple times. This is cheaper than replacing damaged flooring, so it will actually save you money in the long run. However, solid wood will contract and expand with changes in humidity and temperature. It cannot be used in basements, or on any other level other than the main level.
  • Engineered wood is much like plywood and is much more stable than solid wood. It has a veneer of real hardwood on top, glued to underlying layers that give it that stability. This type of wood flooring can be used in basements and upper levels of your home. The thickness of the solid wood veneer will also allow this type to be refinished, although not nearly as much.
  • Reclaimed hardwood is another type of solid wood flooring that many people choose because it is more eco-friendly. It is considered more sustainable a wood choice than many other kinds as well. It is harvested from a variety of sources, including logs that have been underwater and sunken ships. It has a very unique pattern and coloring, and can be incredibly elegant as a flooring choice.

Finished or unfinished wood?

Another option you will be faced with is whether or not to have your hardwood floors finished when they are installed. Some choose to have them unfinished, because they want to finish it themselves.

There are different reasons for this. It could be that they want a personalized stain, or want to match already existing floors.

We carry hardwood flooring from several different manufacturers including Shaw Floors, Mercier Wood Flooring, Mirage Hardwood Floors, Bruce, Armstrong, Bella Cera and more. If you still have questions about your hardwood options, feel free to visit our showroom in Rossford, OH.