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Cabinet course 101

Any room needs to have a cohesive look and the kitchen cabinet is an essential part of that room's design, being a focal point and taking 20-25% of the remodeling budget. Just as the floor is one of the largest surfaces in any room, so are the kitchen cabinets.

That means the provider or designer has to look at the entire atmosphere of the room before any cabinet, floor or countertop installation begins.

Perrysburg Floor Covering & Design knows how important it is that your floor covering and any complementary products work together with the flooring.

One service we offer is cabinet installation. Before we begin, we'll conduct a personal consultation for us to get a good idea of your style, preferences, and needs.

Our showroom is in Rossford, OH and we service surrounding areas, such as Perrysburg, Waterville, Bowling Green, and Pemberville. Be sure to visit us and ask about our quotes.

What's the difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom?

  • Stock cupboards are factory mass-produced and ready to ship. They are budget-friendly and have quick delivery times, but you will be limited in choice; they come in standard shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.
  • A semi-stock stock is a stock one with some extra detailing options, and design options.
  • Custom. This cabinet is constructed in a workroom or on-site, according to designer specifications.

Should the cabinet colors match the floor and countertops?

No; in fact, if everything’s the same color, the room will seem unexciting, and maybe even a little boring. You want them to coordinate, however, so try to keep the woods in the same tone.

Now ask yourself some questions

  • What is your budget? Your needs, wants and priorities?
  • Is longevity important? That is an important question because sometimes you just need a quick cosmetic fix, while other times you’ll need, and want, something to last for years.

Either way, keep in mind that saying about shopping for price or quality; if something seems very inexpensive, understand that there will be corners cut in construction, and the cabinet probably won’t last long.

  • What’s most important to you? Some people place value on quality and construction while others place the highest value on exotic woods or ornate designs.
  • What is your home's style? Are you contemporary, rustic, minimalist or traditional? Select a style that blends well with your home’s overall interior design.
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