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Luxury vinyl floors for your home

The best flooring option for your home just might be luxury vinyl floors. Do you love the look of natural resources, but don’t want the hefty price tag? Are you looking for something that will withstand heavy traffic in some areas? Do you want an elegant look, but don’t have time to maintain the real thing?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you’ll certainly want to read on for more information. Luxury vinyl gives you the ability to do all these things and more.

What are luxury vinyl floors?

In a nutshell, luxury vinyl is a type of vinyl flooring designed to both look and feel like natural resources. Your vinyl can look like stone, ceramic or even real hardwood, but with better options.

Both luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, and luxury vinyl planks, or LVP, are now used in many luxury homes and condominiums. The high-end materials are manufactured using technology that makes it much better than the vinyls used years ago.

Luxury vinyl construction

LVT and LVP actually have more than one layer. It all starts with a backing, usually also made of vinyl or a vinyl combination. There are several layers of material built up on top of that. This makes the vinyl very stable and easy to set in place on many types of sub flooring.

The top layer is what gives luxury vinyl the ability to stand up under heavy traffic and extreme conditions. There is protection against scratching, UV rays, and serious damage such as tears or rips. This layer makes it possible to do things such as move furniture without demolishing your flooring.

Differences in luxury vinyl classification

Just about all luxury vinyl floors are composed of the same material. In that respect, there aren’t many differences amongst them. The main categories basically revolve around the design, or the look, of the vinyl.

LVT and LVP are categorized with respect to what natural resource they are fashioned after. You will find wood, slate, stone and ceramic looks, and a vast array of designs from which to choose.

Luxury vinyl pricing

This is one of the least expensive and cost-effective flooring options you can choose. At Perrysburg Floor Covering & Design, we can help you with all your luxury vinyl flooring questions. Visit our showroom in Rossford, OH where you can explore all your luxury vinyl flooring options.