Ceramic and porcelain tile, at one time, was installed in primarily moisture-prone rooms, like bathrooms and kitchens. However, they are finding their way into living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms today. Tile doesn't have dust or allergens. It resists abrasions and scratches. It is flexible for many spaces because it is such a flexible design. It can even mimic wood and stone.

Heat conductor

Does tile flooring keep a room cooler? No. It does not. If your thermostat is set at 76, then the tile in your home is going to be 76. But tile does seem to keep a room cooler because it repels heat. Materials like wood and carpet, however, retain heat. Tile is a good heat conductor. When heat transfers from one object to another, it cools the warmer object. So, tile draws warmth from your foot, making the tile feel cooler.


If you want to have the floor always warm underfoot, you can add heat to the tile with a radiant heating system. Tile will heat up quickly with a radiant heat system. If you have a natural stone floor, it will heat slower but retain that heat for a more extended period once the system is turned off. If that is not an option, a well-placed carpet can help warm a room. For example, you may want to consider carpet runners in a gallery-style kitchen. Or you could place a throw rug under a commonly used part of the room, like under a couch, coffee table, or tv.

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